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GivBux is building a more connected future our unique Super App. By bringing the merchants and brands you love together in one place, we’re creating more savings for you and generating more sales at a critical time for business owners – all while increasing contributions to charitable causes.

We’re becoming the most popular digital wallet Super App and the largest charitable giving community in North America. And we can’t wait for you to join us!


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Ken Jones


Revolutionizing the Way We Shop and Give.  Founder, Mr. Ken Jones, three years ago began to take action on a concept that would forever change how society decides to purchase goods and services. With a vision for the future and a philanthropic twist, Givbux the newest mobile wallet, will forever impact the causes we care about most while giving the average person a way to make additional income in a fun and rewarding way.Concept to reality through technology, become a modern day venture philanthropist by downloading a free app to your smartphone, and ditch the cash or card and simply use your phone to make purchases instead. By shopping with Givbux for all your entertainment, retail, dinning, recreational, and lifestyle necessities at places like Groupon, Vons, Staples, Athleta, Bed Bath & Beyond, Barnes and Noble, Lowes,, Ulta, Uber, Panera Bread, PetSmart, Cold Stone, Abercombie & Fitch, Xbox, and Regal Cinemas to name a few out of thousands get rewarded by the app! How is this possible? Easy, make rewards every time you purchase with the app and invite


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